When you join the PTA, you join millions of others who care about issues that affect children. Membership is open to anyone concerned with the education, health and welfare of children and youth.


“For me, the best part about being a PTA member is…… I can make a difference in our children’s lives.”  — Mary Anderson, PTA Member

There are numerous parent groups out there, but there is only one PTA. Connecting families and schools for more than 115 years, PTA is the largest children’s advocacy organization in the country. Here are just a few reasons to join PTA.

Visit National PTA’s website page to see Why Parents Need PTA.


Join the PTA today! PTA connects families, schools and communities, and joining PTA is a great way to support your child’s education and the education of all of Florida’s children. Find your local PTA below, or join the statewide association through Sunshine State PTA. PLEASE NOTE:  Each local PTA is its own separate entity.  To be a voting member of your local unit PTA, you must join the local unit PTA directly.  Joining Sunshine State PTA provides membership in the state-wide local PTA unit, not the local unit affiliated with a school.  For questions, email us at

**Please note:  Membership dues for the Sunshine State PTA are non-refundable**

Support Florida students and teachers by joining Sunshine State PTSA!  

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PTA annual dues for each local PTA may differ from school to school, and help support valuable programs and services for student learning and family engagement. Many PTAs support academic enrichment programs, such as field trips or after-school art, drama, music, math and reading programs while other PTAs support events and activities that promote family engagement at school, to strengthen home and school relationships. Other PTAs support health programs, safety and physical education.

Your local PTA dues stay with your school site, and a portion is sent up to support the work of your council PTA (if in council), Florida State PTA and National PTA. Please check with your local PTA regarding annual membership dues.