Executive Director, ext. 301
*Presentation Opportunities
*Education and Community Networking and more

Jean Hovey – executive.director@floridapta.org

Communications Coordinator, ext. 302
*Social Networking

*Publications and more

Susan Kocarek – communication@floridapta.org

Bookkeeper, ext. 303
*Accounts Payable/Receivable

Jennifer Patterson – accounting@floridapta.org

Local Unit Compliance Coordinator, ext. 305
*IRS 990 and 1023s
*Solicitation of Contributions (County Councils only)
*Bylaws and more

Ginger Flynn – compliance@floridapta.org

Membership/Data Coordinator, ext. 304
*Officer Updates

Lisa Burger – membership.data@floridapta.org

Please Email at info@floridapta.org
407-855-7604, ext. 307

NOTE: When phone lines are busy, your call may be directed to the answering service. Please leave a detailed message; your call or your request will be handled promptly.