Membership is the life force of this association, so starting in September, Florida PTA will host the Monthly Membership Roundup Challenge.  Each month we will issue a different challenge, you’ll tell us about your success, and at the beginning of the following month, we will select a winner from all participating schools.  To enter, fill out the form below.  We will select an elementary, middle, and high school winner.  Champions will receive digital images for use on social media, websites, newsletters, etc to share their success with their communities.  Winners will also receive a special reward to share with the board, and of course, a whole lotta bragging rights!  There is no limit to the number of times you can win!

December Challenge

No matter what your family’s holiday traditions are, one thing is pretty common: the spirit of giving.  There is no group more generous than PTA folks!  So, in the spirit of the season, your challenge is to Give the Gift of PTA Membership!  This gift is more than a membership card, you are sharing the VALUE of PTA, so be generous!  Check out the list below for some ideas to get you started.
  • Are there people who volunteer at your school who aren’t members?  Maybe they don’t realize everything that PTA does, not just on your campus, but for children across the state and country.  Gift them a membership, and take the opportunity to share with them how they can transform what they are doing already into a powerful voice for ALL CHILDREN!
  • Sometimes the cost of membership can be a burden and families must prioritize their needs, even when the value of PTA is clear to them.  Work with you guidance counselor or social worker to provide memberships to families that want to be engaged, but are experiencing financial hardship.  Remember to respect privacy.  Ask the staff member to send a letter to families offering them the membership.  If they accept, their name can be shared with the membership chair.
  • One of the first challenges a lower-income or Title I school faces when trying to start, or restart, a PTA unit is asking for dues when they are still trying to share the value of PTA with a community that may be unfamiliar.  Make their job easier by sponsoring their first 10 members needed for chartering!  For only $35, you or your local unit can make a difference in the lives of children you may never meet.  You’ll make a difference in the PTA leaders’ lives too, by allowing them to focus on the mission and values of PTA without the ask.  Not sure how to get started?  Reach out to your County Council or Region Rep and see if there is a school in your area that could use a hand.  Can’t find one?  Email, and we’ll get you connected!
  • Are their people in your life or your community that are dedicated to making every child’s potential a reality?  Maybe your neighbor that is a retired teacher, or the grandma that comes in to read to the little kids, or how about your local librarian?  Give the gift of membership to that person and acknowledge their contributions to our shared mission.  Watch their eyes sparkle like tinsel!
  • Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated trying to explain why someone should join PTA?  Give the gift of PTA to a stranger this holiday season, and ask them WHY NOT PTA?  Everyone has the power to be an advocate!  Don’t forget to get their name to add to your rolls!

Have another great idea for Giving the Gift of PTA?  Email us at!  We love pictures too!  You might just see your school recognized for your great work!

Don’t forget to enter Florida PTA’s Monthly Membership Roundup Challenge for your chance at GLORY!  Entries are due by 1/9/19.
Congratulations to our October Challenge Winners!
Elementary – Carillon Elementary PTA, Seminole County
Middle – Charles S. Rushe Middle School PTSA, Pasco County
In addition to our winning middle school, we want to recognize two additional schools for outstanding work in engaging their staff.  They, along with our winners used innovative thinking and incorporated fun in their staff membership drive.  Above all, all of our PTAs used their most powerful tool, they shared the VALUE of PTA and achieved great success in turn!  Congratulations to Eugene Butler PTSA in Duval County, and Meadowlawn Middle PTSA in Pinellas County!

Monthly Membership Roundup Challenge Form

Congratulations on taking on Florida PTA's Monthly Membership Roundup Challenge! We are so excited to recognize your hard work and dedication. Enter all of your information below and we will announce the winners early next month. You may use all members that meet the monthly challenge criteria that were added during the challenge month. Remember, there is no limit to the number of times you can win, so harness that competitive spirit and go for GLORY! If you have any questions, email