Membership cards MUST be accounted for. Florida PTA is required by the National PTA to account for cards, any unused membership cards MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR and RETURNED to the state office by May 1st. If you need additional cards, please complete this online form. WE CAN ONLY MAIL 100 ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP CARDS AT ONE TIME.

Treasurer MUST remit state and national dues ($3.50 total per person), for cards previously received, before requesting additional cards. Please use the State and National Dues Remittance Form found on the website,,

  • No Initials
  • ADDITIONAL MEMBERSHIP CARDS WILL BE SENT TO THE PRESIDENT. We can only send 100 additional cards at a time. Please verify the PTA Name and President’s Information, as all additional membership cards will be sent to the president at the address on file with the State Office. MAIL THE MEMBERSHIP CARDS TO: