Mr. Brian Knowles, M.Ed.



Brian Knowles, M.Ed. has been an educator for over 13 years. He earned his B.A. degree in History from Florida Atlantic University and completed his graduate studies at the University of West Florida.

Brian currently serves as the Manager of the Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies within the School District of Palm Beach County, the tenth–largest public-school district in the United States. The Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies has been in existence for 26 years with a major focus on providing best teaching practices for students of color and the development of culturally responsive curriculum.

Brian and his team have been instrumental in supporting schools to create environments that are conducive to the academic success of all students. His work has served to eliminate systemic barriers and interrupt practices rooted in racism at many levels including the classroom, the School District, and the community. During his tenure, he is proud of several accomplishments including authoring the SDPBC Equity and Access Policy 1.041, which legally binds the District to address systemic deficiencies that create gaps in academic achievement. Brian has also designed a series of state-wide, secondary-level courses that highlight the historical contributions and experiences of African Diasporic people:

  • Great Men and Women of Color Who Shaped World History
  • Examining the African American Experience in the 20th Century through Music and Visual Arts
  • Exploring Hip Hop as Literature, and
  • The History and Contribution of Haiti in a Global Context.