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Membership is open to everyone who is interested in the welfare of children and youth.  When PTA increases our MEMBERSHIP, we strengthen our VOICE!!

Join your local unit!

There may be a PTA near you. It may be a PTA affiliated with a particular school, or community PTA, that covers several schools. CLICK HERE TO FIND A PTA

OR you may use the look-up feature on the National PTA website to find your local PTA, then contact the school or PTA president and JOIN!

Join Sunshine State PTSA!

If you don't have access to a local PTA, you can join Florida's Sunshine State PTSA unit. Membership is open to any who wish to join PTA and become proud card-carrying PTA members.


How to Grow Your PTA's Membership!

  1. Begin this school year with EXCITEMENT about what you are doing!!   When you believe in PTA, others will too!!
  2. If you’d like, choose a theme to help motivate!!  Class or grade level contests are great ideas, as well!  Be sure you’ve included funds in your budget to help with membership promotion!!
  3. Have a membership table set up at school registration, all PTA functions, Open House, etc.  Remember ONE card to ONE member.  No Mr. and Mrs. cards.  Florida PTA does not recognize family memberships.
  4. Don’t forget about your faculty/staff members!!  Attend the “Back to School” events and encourage them to get involved and join!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PTAs and Membership Records

Q - How do I get my membership cards?
A - Cards are sent to the local unit PTA Presidents once their officers’ names and contact information have been submitted to the Florida PTA State Office.

Q - When do I turn in my membership dues collected?
A - Turn in all money from dues to treasurer as soon as they are received.  Remind treasurer to remit State and National dues to the state office monthly.  STATE and NATIONAL PTA dues must be sent to the state office MONTHLY!

Q - How do I set goals and keep records?
A - Study results of previous year’s membership program and set goals for new school year.  Keep an accurate list of members and make a membership report at each board meeting and general meetings.  


Sunshine State PTSA


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